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Some photos from the events that we have at Seminole Valley Farm Museum. Check out our events page and then check out the individual events themselves. 

Seminole Valley Farm Museum​

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Seminole Valley Farm Museum​

2021 plans are underway. We are working on Flea Markets for May 15th and June 5th. Those are the dates that are set as of today. We are also planning on Reflections of the Civil War on July 10th and 11th. And we already had WWII planned. So with a little good luck we will be able to get back to a normal year with some good events. We hope after last year and being somewhat locked down that everyone will be anxious to get outside and enjoy our events. We are of course still working on the house and clean up after the storm last year. We lost most of our trees and the summer kitchen but are planning to continue on. We hope to see everyone this year. In the meantime stay safe and healthy.