Gas and Steam Engine Show has come and gone. It was a great event and we thank everyone who came out and joined us for a great weekend. 

And now it's time for Reflections of the Civil War. We are looking forward to another great event this year. But be advised that 42nd street might be closed just west of I-380. And what isn't closed will be under construction. Some alternate routes are: Take Hyw. 100 West off of I-380 up to Edgewood Rd. and turn left down to 42nd street, or take Blairsferry rd. off of I-380 west up to Edgewood and then left down to 42nd st. These are alternate routes in the event that 42nd st. is closed at I-380 exit. 

We hope this will not slow anyone down from coming out and joining us for a fantastic weekend of living history. 

Seminole Valley Farm Museum​

Seminole Valley Farm Museum​

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Some photos from the events that we have at Seminole Valley Farm Museum. Check out our events page and then check out the individual events themselves. 

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