2021 Update. We have had our 2 Flea Markets and both of them went well. The weather was a bit warm on June 5th but we still had a good turn out. And now on to Reflections of the Civil War. We are having the event this year but it will be different than it has been in the past. One big difference is NO Battle. Our battle field is covered with around 2 feet of mulch. And part of it still has piles of trees on it. This is of course due to the derecho damage of 2020. And the city was so kind to use our end of the park to dump many of the trees and then mulch them up. It is better than it was several months ago but no way to safely have a battle. So for this year we will be doing a Living History Camp. There will still be cannon fire and guns being shot but for demonstrations and not for a battle. There will be a variety of demonstrations all day long both Saturday and Sunday. So we hope everyone will still come out and enjoy the weekend with us. Many of the demonstrations may actually include the  public. 

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