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It is with a heavy heart that we announce that this year there will be NO Reflections of the Civil War. We still have no water and we have found out that the City will be doing major construction in the park for ADA compliance.

They will be moving our gate, adding a sidewalk to the bathrooms, and adding several handicap parking spaces. This is in addition to other construction in the  park. Add to that the restrictions they still have on us over the covid-19 and it has just become to much to even try this year. We still have no idea about WWII Remembered or Rendezvous but we hope to have at least one or two events this year. Losing Civil war hurts as that is our biggest event and it  pays the bills for everything else. (Insurance, phone, etc...) Oh well, there is nothing that can be done about it. We hope everyone will return next year and help us once again make it a great and fun event. Thank you for checking with us and we will post updates as we can. Have a great and safe summer. 


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Seminole Valley Farm Museum​

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