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Seminole Valley Farm Museum​

Seminole Valley Farm Museum​

Welcome 2021. We hope that this year will be much better than last year. At least as far as events and weather goes. We hope everyone is safe and healthy starting this new year. As of now we are planning our events yet there may have to be some changes made. We lost almost all our trees around the Farm with two landing on the house and summer kitchen. We know the house is going be to be OK but not sure of the kitchen as of yet.  You can see pictures of damage on our Facebook page. Seminole Valley Park and more importantly the battle field has been the collection point for all the trees from the NE side of Cedar Rapids. They have been trucked here and then ground into mulch. Even though they have trucked out tons of this mulch there is still about 3-5 feet deep across the field at this time. We have been told that FEMA has set aside money to return this area back to normal after they are done, possibly in May. Due to the issue of the battle field in unknown shape to use and now the lack of shade, we are considering the idea of moving the Reflections of the Civil War dates  to either September 18 and 19 or October 2 and 3. This depends on the response of the reenactors and how they feel about it. We hate to make changes but we have to consider it in this case. We would appreciate hearing from everyone with thoughts on this move or leaving the event as is. As we get closer to spring we will post news about our other events. We are hoping to have the Flea markets and WWII this year. For now, stay safe and healthy and check back often for updates. Hope to see all very soon.