September 2016 Flood Photos

Water is going down

Seminole Valley Farm Museum​

Seminole Valley Farm Museum​

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Some photos from the events that we have at Seminole Valley Farm Museum. Check out our events page and then check out the individual events themselves. 

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War looms on the horizon July 8th and 9th

Reflections of the Civil War is coming up. Don't miss out on all the action this year. As always, President Lincoln will be there and this year, Annie Wittenmyer will also be out to visit with us. There will be a battle both days and maybe even a skirmish through out the day. Time period music daily will be enjoyed by everyone. And as always, there is great food at our food vendors. Don't forget to come out Saturday night and watch the night fire for free. It will be just before 9:00 PM. There may be some road construction on the road to the Museum but don't let that stop you from coming out. The weather is suppose to be perfect so there is no reason not to come out and enjoy the Living History at Seminole Valley Farm Museum. See you there.