Reflections of the Civil War

July 8th and 9th 2023                   

An updated schedule will be posted soon which will include the battle times.

Schedule subject to change. Check back often.

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Join the men and women of the 1860s as they relive the Civil War. Enjoy the music of the time and hear the cannons roar. Visit with the solders and their wives as they live their day to day lives. It's  a great time and you might even learn something about history that you didn't know. Something different going on each day. 

Hours are Saturday 9 to 4 and Sunday 9 to 3.

Admission is $5.00 with 12 and under FREE.


​9:00 Camp opens to public

9:30 Infantry Drill

10:00 Artillery Drill

10:00 Woman Soldiers

          Boys in the War

          Soldiers of Color

11:30 Cavalry Weapons

11:30 Music of the Civil War

12:00 Children’s Muster and learn how to March

12:30 Medical Theory

          Stewards Duties

          Women Doctors

1:00  Kids Games

1:30 Life of a Soldier

        First Person Competition

3:00 Battle of Seminole Valley

        Medical Demo following Battle

4:00 Camp Closes to Public


 9:00 Camp opens to public

9:00 Church Service

10:30 Artillery Drill

10:30 Infantry Drill

11:00 Woman Soldiers

          Boys in the War

          Soldiers of Color

12:30 Women on the Home Front

1:00  Kids Games

1:30 Medical Theory

          Sick Call

          Medical Demo

2:30 Battle of Seminole Valley

        Camp closes After Battle